Welcome to Healing House!

Here, I want you to feel at home! I am making herbal remedies that are grown from my garden, locally foraged, or organically sourced!

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How It Works!

You Can Choose By The Herb

Some people love picking products by the herb. Head over to the "Shop By Herb" tab to do just that! Find your herb and shop away!

You Can Choose By Type of Product

What kind of product are you looking for? Do you want a product that is for external use? Or something you take internally?

Tinctures, tonics, and some herbal oils are great for internal use! When taken internally, they help heal the whole body!

Salves, oils, skin care products, and some herbal oils are great for external use! When using externally, you get to target the exact spot that you are wanting to heal!

You Can Choose Your Skin Care

Not sure which skin care product you need? The best place to start is having your specific products: A Cleanser and A Moisturizer.

If you have your own products that you love, try the Facial Mist! It's an amazing product that gives an added herbal touch to your skin care!

Still Not Sure? Choose Your Product By Ailment

Not sure what products you may need? Take a look at the "Shop By Ailment" tab! All products are placed in their appropriate category! Then, choose based off intuition!

There's even a tab for "Just Beginning!" I've selected my favorite products that are perfect for anyone! They promote all around health and a good starting point if you are just beginning your journey to healing with herbs 🥰

“My mission is to make you feel at home when healing by providing home-grown herbal remedies with a heart-warming touch!”

Austin, Founder

  • Anita V.

    Beautiful place, excellent selection of items - knowledgeable owner and employees and ever so helpful!

  • Robin Hendricks

    I’ve been purchasing Austin’s products for a few years now, after first discovering her store at the Duck location. I had never tried her CBD oil until now and it is, without a doubt, the very best I’ve ever used. I also love the fact it is not mass produced. I’ve purchased a little of everything here over the years from lemon balm, body oil and soaps & have never been disappointed. Highly recommend!

  • Cara C.

    Just a genuine thank you for having a shop like yours. Before getting on the road with 2 kids and our dog, I left with a sense of calm. Keep going because your shop is needed by so many

  • Mackenzie C

    We stopped in to this shop while visiting the bookstore and it was awesome! We bought a couple books and locally made earrings that are great. We’ll be back!

  • Michelle M.

    5 Stars!

  • Laughing Sky Massage local business owner

    Lovely shop with a knowledgeable owner. Austin is friendly and has a plethora of locally sourced and made natural products along with other fun things like books, candles, jewelry and treats. Definitely worth a stop

  • Renee B.

    Stopped in last week while on vacation. Beautiful shop with a very friendly, knowledgable owner. I used the Cleaning Grains this evening and the scrub felt wonderful! Looking forward to trying out the chamomile tincture this evening as well. Thank you!

  • Shannon B.

    This is such a lovely, unique shop in the midst of tourist central! It’s a beautiful little space filled with good for you tonics and potions. Also a remarkable selection of books on herbals and other natural healing topics. Loved it!

  • Joni L.

    I love Natural Selection Apothecary products !

    Not only are the products wonderful, and smell lovely, but Austin is incredibly knowledgable !!!

  • Charles Jolly

    I was very much blown away by this place. They sell home or herbal remedies which they have a variety of as well as teas, books, and some hands on services like class and reiki. They make the remedies themselves which is awesome. And the sisters are very friendly and knowledgeable about their products. We bought a few detox things and look forward to putting them to work. Thank you ladies!

  • Cosmo's Carnival

    Very lovely staff, warm and comforting environment, even has animals! 💛