About Us


I started making herbal remedies when I began my journey of healing my body...

After having my son, my body went through hormonal fluctuations and in short, made me crazy! I was on a mission to healing my body naturally and that's when I found herbal remedies!

Some of the brands that I found, I didn't know where their products were sourced from. Some products had too many herbs and it all didn't feel right. I started to find herbal remedy books and just started making my own!

Thus, 8 years later, here I am! I specialize in making quality, garden-grown herbal remedies! I enjoy creating products that are made simple and with ingredients that you can feel good about taking. I believe there shouldn't be so much confusion with herbal remedies. It should be simple and easy to understand. I've created my brand with the idea of feeling at home when healing! This way you feel confident in the products you're getting and confident in it's ability to help you on your healing journey! 

I am always here to answer questions for you or help you find the right product for you!!

Thank you for trusting me and my products!! 

Sending you my love 💛




Things I Don't Do:

🔴 This may blow your mind and is against popular belief but...I do not use alcohol in my products! Nope, none! 

Why?? As I would never recommend someone who is seeking healing and on a path of a healthy lifestyle to consume alcohol, I believe the same goes with herbal remedies. Yes, I understand that most people say alcohol absorbs the plant nutrients but there are other solvents as well! I use a quality made Coconut-Derived Vegetable Glycerin for my tinctures. Each products sits in the solvent for 2+ months so the plant nutrients are effective but yet, gentle enough for the whole family!

🔴 I don't rush the processes. Each product and process is made with care and in the right, timely process. If a product is not in stock, just remember, I take special care in what I make and want everything to be made in it's right time! 


Things I Do:

🟢 Only use Quality Coconut-Derived Vegetable Glycerin in my Tinctures

🟢 Only use Organic Coconut Oil and Olive

🟢 Grow my own plants, Outsource from Local Farmers, Outsource some herbs from organic sources

🟢 I make "Simples." These are one-plant tinctures. Each plant is individually made and bottled. 

🟢 If I do combine herbs in a tincture, I do so sparingly! I do make sure the herbs work well together but I do not overload the products with too many herbs! I find that less is more when it comes to using herbs!