Why Use Herbal Remedies!?

One of the Biggest Questions To Date…


Why even bother with taking herbal remedies??

Here’s what I know…


If you were to travel back in time, herbal remedies were it. There was no western medicine, people lived off the land. When someone became ill, they healed them through their knowledge of plants. This knowledge was passed down for generations and this was the way.


Eventually, pharmaceutical companies started to take healing compounds from the plants and processed this into a pill. This made it quick and easy to get the necessary healing benefits without all the hooplah of foraging or growing your own medicine.


In theory, this sounds reasonable but if you break this down a bit, what actually can occur is an overexposure of a medicine that is too strong for the body to take and creates an imbalance of the nutritional compounds of the medicine. Let me explain…a single plant has many nutrients and healing compounds within it. What makes it unique is the variety and the individual collection of each healing compound. These healing parts work together just as they are supposed to. When you isolate only one compound, the other nutrient dense pieces can’t help with balancing the nutrition of the plant so you automatically have an imbalance in the body. Imbalances in the body create illness, make your organs work harder than needed and this creates the infamous liver, kidney, stomach issues that the pharmaceutical companies warn you about on every ad.


To make this simpler to understand, think of this like a balanced diet. It’s said that you need a protein, a fat, and a carb at every meal to have a well balanced diet. For optimal health, your carbs should be fruits or veggies, your fats should be natural (avocados, nuts or seeds, etc) and your protein should be of the utmost quality. If I were to only eat protein or only eat fat, my body would be imbalanced because it doesn’t receive the nutrients from different kinds of foods that it needs. This is the same as with herbal medicine.


It may be surprising to know that when using CBD oil, there is supposed to be amounts of THC as well. The THC compound helps boost the effects of CBD. The product doesn’t work as well when the other compounds are not present within it.


Sooooo…this leads me to the importance of herbal remedies!


I hope that wasn’t too long of an explanation but here’s some tidbits about why to use herbal remedies!


You are coming back to nature - Nature was designed exactly as it should be! Each plant was made with specific healing compounds that are great additions to having a balanced diet. Food is fuel and adding in other nutrients from herbs help fast track your body into healing itself.

For example, lion’s mane mushrooms will regenerate braincells. Chaste berries help balance hormones within a woman’s body. Red clover helps stop hot flashes in menopausal women. Passionflower, skullcap, and valerian are all herbs that will help your body and mind fall asleep quickly.

Each herb has its own special benefits that benefit you in the long run.


You want to get mostly away from the pharmaceutical companies - Let me start by saying that I do not discount what doctors, specialists, and nurses do. They are vital to the health and safety of many, many people. Their work is admirable and in many cases very necessary especially in emergency cases. I am referring to over-the-counter medications. If you are on them, that is completely ok! Many people who visit my store are on medications. The goal is to help others heal their bodies naturally so eventually, per their doctor’s advice, they can one day stop taking them. Medication is expensive and they have side effects. This is a fact. But it’s ok! through slowly implementing herbal remedies and a balanced, nutritious diet, your body can heal itself to where you no longer need pharmaceuticals and your body is functioning just as it should without illness or disease.


Herbal remedies can be used for first aid, skin care, baby care, fertility, hair growth, pain, inflammation, stomach issues, and you can even make natural products for around the house. Unfortunately, a lot of the products in our grocery stores have unnecessary chemicals in them. Some of these chemicals have been shown to cause cancer or other irritants within the body. These chemicals are in our lotions, skin care, tooth paste, laundry and dish soap, seemingly harmless medicines, ointments, bandaids, the list goes on. Don’t stress though! It’s ok! Before you throw out everything you own, hear me out!

This process can be scary at first BUT it’s a very simple transition. This is a step-by-step process that moves forward only when you’re ready! Coming from the opinion of a single mom, this freaked me out when I first heard it! I started stressing about the money it would take to replace everything, I felt like I couldn’t trust anything or anyone and the anxiety was relentless. I am here to tell you, you don’t have to go through that!

The next time you need to replace one of your products, take a look at some other brands. See which products have the least amount of chemicals. If the price point is too high for the more “natural stuff”, then find just one thing that you can replace at the store. One step at a time! You may find that you like making your own products or you may find that you prefer buying from a person who hand makes stuff. Just know that this email is meant to inform you about using herbal remedies and how they can benefit you! Not a declaration to unravel your life in any way 💖


Herbal Remedies and First Aid - Bug bites, bee stings, swollen ankles, bruises, fungal infections, colds, stomach aches, so on and so forth. First aid would be your basics. If you are in extreme pain, have broken bones, or know something is seriously wrong, go to the doctor.

I’m talking about the stuff that can be healing with simple fixes. I have a reaction to yellow fly bites. I swell up real good! I use a compress of coconut oil and activated charcoal to reduce the swelling and take the toxins out.

After a long day at work, your feet can be sore. Epsom salt soak or even wrapping your feet with CBD oil or another anti-inflammatory oil will help. Fungal infection? Colloidal Silver has worked wonders for us!

I am in no way, whatsoever saying that you shouldn’t go to the doctor. I’m just saying that when you don’t need to, herbal remedies can are a great addition to every household.



The goal here is to help you understand ways to add herbal remedies into your life. It can be small or a whole house-hold take-over. This email is to help you get an idea of different ways of adding herbal remedies throughout the home. I feel that sometimes, people think herbal remedies are just smell-goods from essential oils or it’s things you only take internally. There are just so many ways to add plants and herbs into your life for all kinds of healing!


I would love to see you in the shop or a class or even just email me so you can ask questions, learn more and just share your experiences with me! I’m always here to help in any way that I can!


Hope to see y’all soon!!


Sending y'all my love,


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