Things We'll Do To Have Beautiful Hair! 🧖🏽‍♀️

Consistency is Key!


My personal goal this year is to grow strong, healthy, beautiful hair!


My hair growth always has a sticking point! Right now, it’s at that sticking point. It gets just in the middle of my shoulder blades and it seems like it protests! In the past, this is about the point where I chop it all off and start again. Not this time! I am determined to have my hair grow longer, hopefully thicker, and just down-right healthy!


In my research, here are some things that I have found that will help with growing healthy hair. Just like using all herbal remedies, consistency is key! We can’t expect to do an ab workout and wake up with a 6-pack. The same goes with herbal remedies and natural hair care. Take it step by step but stay consistent to see the best results! 💛



✨Let’s Grow Beautiful Hair✨



Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

It all starts with food, doesn’t it!?

I suppose the saying is true, “You are what you eat.”

A balanced meal of whole foods is best. Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, protein source…you get the idea. Limit processed foods, alcohol, smoking, anything that is not natural, really. I think one of the hardest things when it comes to eating a well balanced meal is the idea that you have to cut out tons of stuff you’re used to. It’s like your brain says “NOPE!” and then you crave the things you “shouldn’t” be having. I read this greaaat alternative…Use the abundance method! So instead of taking everything out first, start by adding more in. Add in more fruits, vegetables, water, so on and so forth. When you start adding in more of the good stuff, your body will naturally weed out the bad! I love this method!

Moral of the story…Add in more good food for healthy hair! + all of the other benefits that come with eating well 🥰


Use Only Gentle, Non-Detergent-Based Shampoos:

When I go to the store, I think I spend at least 30-45 minutes reading the back of shampoo bottles! It is haaaard to find shampoo without all the bad stuff. BUT if you do find something you like, use that! Less ingredients, the better! More and more people are making shampoo bars or liquid shampoos. Try and find something that you like + doesn’t have any bad ingredients in it.

Here’s a quick tidbit…I AM in the process of making a liquid shampoo ☺️ I’ve gotten tired of not being able to find the right one or finding one that doesn’t turn my hair into a birds nest 🪺


Rotate Between 2 or 3 Favorite Shampoos:

I knooooow now you have to find even moooore varieties of impossibly perfect shampoo 😂 Even the best shampoo will tend to create imbalance if used continuously. You can try a liquid shampoo for a bit then switch to a shampoo bar for extra added oils. Whatever you decide, keep it fresh!


Wash Your Hair Infrequently, Only Once or Twice Per Week:

Once you start doing this, it’s not so bad at allll! Dry shampoo is great while you’re in your in-between washes. It really helps you get creative with your hair when you wash infrequently. We have a lot of chlorine in our water where I am so it really benefits the infrequent washes for me! Plus, washing your hair daily stripes it of its natural protective oils.


Condition Your Hair Monthly with a Natural Herbal Rinse:

This is usually an herbal concoction or oil concoction. Something you leave in all day or all night. Having an oil/herbal treatment will help nourish the scalp and replenish the hair of oils that have been stripped away throughout the month. My Hair Therapy would be a great example of a monthly hair condition.


Massage Your Scalp Thoroughly Every Few Days, Or At Least Once Weekly:

A scalp/hair massage helps active your hair follicles. This allows your hair to grow! The massage keeps the follicles in “go-mode.” Active follicles, longer hair! There are some cool head/scalp massagers on Definitely worth a look!


Brush Your Hair as Often and for as Long as You Can Each Day:

This will help remove breakage of hair and continue to active hair follicles for longer, stronger hair! Be sure to keep your hair brush clean. Cleaning and washing your brush once or twice a week is great! Weekly is ok too!


Reduce the Use of Heat:

Air dry your hair or use the low-heat/cold air setting on your hair dryer. There are also ways to curl your hair with heatless curling rods. They are very effective and can be easily found.


Hair Growth Sprays/Herbal Concoctions:

I am a fan of the herbal concoctions for the hair! Creating a rosemary infusion to spray on your roots or an apple cider vinegar rinse is great for adding more nourishment for the scalp and hair! I’ve even heard of an onion infusion that helps with shine for your hair! This one is up to you but I am surely a fan. I will share my recipe for my Rosemary Hair Growth Spray. I noticed a big difference when I used it consistently.  


**If you’d like a step-by-step tutorial on making this Hair Growth Spray, I will be posting a video on my Online Classroom this week!!** Just click this link to check it out!

My Online Classroom




I hope all of this was helpful! These things are something that I will be starting for myself as well. I will definitely keep you posted on my progress but feel free to share your progress as well!


I feel like having hair that we love really makes a difference in our confidence. Just like when you leave the hair stylists, you feel alive! Waking up everyday with that same feeling will change your life!


I really enjoy sharing information like this with you! There is sooo much information and it goes in soooo many different ways that it’s hard to know what is right. I enjoy the research part of it and breaking it down for you! I will continue to share information like this with you to, hopefully, make things a little easier for you! If you ever have a topic you’d like to know about, by all means, just let me know and I’ll get it together for you!




Sending y'all my love,


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