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Dried Herbs

Sage Leaf

Sage Leaf

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Sage Leaves are popular for its use in the culinary. Just a few of its leaves can elevate the flavor of an entire meat dish. Apart from being universally used in cooking, the Sage Leaf can be used for brewing tea as well. It is naturally a strong and slightly peppery herb so sweetening it with a spoonful of honey would balance it perfectly. Sage Leaves brings about great health benefits such as reducing gas, relieving gastric problems, and soothes heartburn. Some believe that it is able to help in regulating perspiration and saliva secretion, as well as minimizing depression and memory loss. Organic Way sources its certified organic SAGE LEAF directly from small-scale farm co-ops in Albania. If you like this tea’s unique flavor, you may also enjoy our organic OREGANO. The Sage Leaf is also believed to have cleansing powers in terms of spirituality.

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