Why I Quit Manufactured Skin Care...Hand-Made, Plant-Based ONLY!

Why I Quit Manufactured Skin Care...Hand-Made, Plant-Based ONLY!

Throughout high school, I struggled with clear skin. No matter how hard I tried, I could not find products that would help get rid of my acne. Over the years, I have come to find that my skin is quite sensitive and I could only use certain products. 

I tried all manner of products from other hand-made plant-based skin care products, the expensive stuff from a MLM company, and even the "natural" products you can find at CVS. Nothing really helped my skin. It would either dry out my skin, make my skin break out, or even make me break out in hives. 

That's when I started making my own skin care products. I was able to source the best ingredients, keep the recipes minimum, and know exactly what was in them. Through this process, I've seen a huge difference in the way my skin feels and looks. 

Struggling with keeping my skin clear was one of the reasons I switched my skin care routine to plant-based BUT the second MAJOR reason was the ingredients that are in the manufactured skin care products.

Through my journey with making my own products and meeting new people in the same field, I've met many people who hand-make alternatives to our everyday items. 

I have fine hair and growing up, I would wash it very often. I didn't know that you weren't supposed to do that. I was introduced to dry shampoo...my savior! When I would buy it from the stores, I always made sure I found the "natural" brands so I would feel confident in what I was buying. Being a human, I trusted the brands that I found. I feel that the labels have been adjusted but I had only just seen certain ingredients that were in my dry shampoo. 

Keep in mind, that WHATEVER we put on our skin is soaked up into our skin. These negative, toxic ingredients effect so much within our body even though we don't take them internally.

One of the ingredients I found in my dry shampoo was...PROPANE! Propane is put in the "natural" dry shampoo. 🤔 Why is this ingredient necessary in this product? Well it is not. It is just in there. 

This is the main reason that I no longer used ANY manufactured products. It's not worth the risk for me. 

Making the switch to hand-made products was easy for me but for some, the transition may be harder. I wanted to share this information so you can be aware of what you are using everyday. Take a look at your label, ESPECIALLY on the "natural" products. See what products you can make the switch. Try the "abundance method." This is where you DON"T just cold-turkey cut everything but you introduce an abundance of quality made products to where you can slowly cut out the harmful ones. For example, I was using my hand-made facial care products but uses manufactured mascara and dry shampoo. I've been able to easily make the switch for those 2 products instead of having to replace everything. It's all a process and switching one thing at a time can, sometimes, be your best option.

I was amazed by the information that I read with manufactured "natural" products and wanted to share this with you! My hope is that this is help just one person to make a switch to hand-made, plant-based skin care, hair care, and makeup 🥰

Thanks for reading! Sending you my love!




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