How to Heal From Chronic Pain!

How to Heal From Chronic Pain!

Suffering from Chronic Pain!?

The ways to manage chronic pain are not what you’d expect! It’s not medication or a quick fix BUT through shifting some things in your daily life will help reduce the inflammation that causes chronic pain!

Chronic pain is usually derived from inflammation in the body, stress, and emotional build up. What we ingest on a daily basis can tighten up our muscles, constant stress makes our body clinch and tighten, and when we never release our emotions through venting or crying, our body stores these emotions which causes even more illnesses. Ever notice that when you don’t allow yourself to cry, your eyes hurt a bit!? Emotional release is just as important as adjusting your diet and stretching your body!

Healing chronic pain is not always a fast process but through consistency and a little time, your pain becomes manageable and eventually nonexistent! Is it worth it? That is for you to decide but I believe that everyone deserves to live a life where pain is not a constant  trial. Certain changes can have a huge effect and little by little the process gets easier and you are pain free!


Quick-Start Guide

There are a few quick changes that you can make to get on your way of healing chronic pain! No need to fully rush in and change everything (unless you are able to!). Some people have a hard time with “cold-turkey” change. It can cause more relapses than a slow progress towards success! Start slow, add or adjust one thing a week for the first month.

Use the Abundance Method of implementing new lifestyle changes. Instead of thinking what you can’t have, just start adding in more of what you need until you’re ready to cut out what’s not working! For example, if you drink a lot of soda, don’t just cut it off because that can effect your body and give you withdrawal symptoms! Try and adding more water into your everyday instead. Instead of 6 glasses, try for 8! Eventually, with the increase in water, your body won’t want as much soda and you’ll be able to effectively take it out of your diet fully!  


  • Relaxation Techniques have a profound ability to reduce systemic inflammation, decreased pain and improve overall vitality. Try adding in one or more of these Mind-Body approaches to your everyday…

*Deep breathing
*More Sleep
*Tai Chi
*Art therapy & music
*Regular, gentle exercise
* Time in nature


  • Stay Hydrated! Water keeps the body functioning properly and makes it easier to eliminate waste and deliver nutrients. Dehydration can trigger a flare-up of may different kinds of pain issues.


  • Limit or avoid inflammatory foods. Sugar, white flour and simple carbs, trans fats and fried food, excess alcohol, artificial and processed food, MSG, artificial sweeteners and excessive salt can all aggravate inflammation.


  • Have balanced meals. Each meal make sure you are including protein, cats and carbohydrates from whole foods. This means loading up on veggies and fruits and choosing organic or farm grown goods as much as possible!


  • Avoid food allergens and sensitivities. Common foods include wheat/gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, and coffee. Depending on the person, depends on your sensitivity to these foods. Some people’s body can digest these better so before you go full “cold-turkey” try and reduce the amount of what you are taking in of these foods. If you notice that you are still experiencing pain, try eliminating them one by one.


  • Add some herbs in your daily life. Try adding at least one of these herbs into your daily life! Best to take internally but also finding ways to use externally as well!

Holy Basil
California Poppy


Try adding in what you can until you can fully commit to changing your lifestyle! Though hard at times, you will begin to feel the changes in your body. Your body will heal and you’ll be able to feel relief from the constant pain you are in. It just takes one step at a time!


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💚 Austin

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